Hello! My name is Tiko, I’m an award winning composer and musician from Finland.

I started doing music in elementary school and I composed my first songĀ  in 6th grade (you guessed right – it was a hit!). Since then I’ve learned to play several instruments including guitar, drums, piano/keyboards which is my main instrument and violin.

I think it’s important to be a (good) musician before you start to compose so music becomes a fluent language that you speak instead of throwing together phrases and sentences using a dictionary.

Of course these days you can – and a lot of people do – compose by inserting notes with a mouse so anyone can put together tracks but that’s not what I’m about.

I’m about feeling the music before laying it down, playing every single line myself with the touch of an experienced musician. Seeing, hearing and feeling the emotions my music creates is the key to making it work.

I’m blessed to have so many talented musicians as friends, having this vast network of great players willing to collaborate with me when needed ensures that my tracks have the best players on them.